AS 91082

Berry Jam

Processing Preserves

Technology 1.60 - Implement basic procedures to process a specified product.


Exemplars showing how others have tackled it.

91082 L1 TASK Making a Preserve


Research, finding the best way to make your jam.

My Jam Recipe

Your Jam Recipe

Here is a basic recipe to get you started. Experiment with making your jam a few times, trying out changes you would like to make. Write down your recipe each time until you are happy with it.

Name your recipes:

  • Jam recipe version 1

  • Jam recipe version 2...

Paste each version of your recipe into your portolio, with photos of the results, and comments about how the jam turned out. 📗


Making food that's safe for people to eat.

Test Your Food Safety Know-How

  • Watch this Jamie Oliver clip "What NOT to do in the kitchen".

  • Write down as many food safety errors as you think of (I got 21).

  • Now watch the other 2 clips, then revisit your list and see if you get more.

(Hint: 2 errors to do with a knife, 5+ errors to do with personal hygiene habits, 1 error to do with kitchen attire, 2 errors to do with safety, 7+ errors to do with contamination, a few other errors...)

Food Safety Training Video - YouTube link click image

Preserves - food safety

Making Your Food Safe

Here is a template about food safety. There are different aspects:

  • Kitchen Clothing - clean kitchen clothing, footwear, apron...

  • Personal Hygiene - washing hands, not touching face...

  • Health & Safety - oven gloves to prevent burns...

  • Food Safety - covering food to prevent contamination...

Fill in this sheet and paste into your portfolio. 📗


Checking the final jam ticks all the boxes.

My Jam Specifications

Your Jam Specifications

Your final preserve will be measured against each of these specifications. It must meet all of these to pass the assessment.

Write down how you think your final jam outcome meets each specification in the "student judgement" column.

Insert photos of your finished jam. Paste into your portfolio. 📗


Tests to ensure it will be great jam.

Testing testing testing... some examples of different kinds of tests you can do...

  • temperature (use a laser or probe thermometer)

  • colour (use colour charts)

  • viscosity (use a timed funnel and scale, or “upside-down test” or time it sliding off a spoon)

  • sensory testing (taste, texture, sweetness, flavour)

  • moisture content

  • nutritional content

Make a list of the tests you will do, at which points in your processing, what the desired outcome is, and what corrective action you will take if the test shows something is not right. Paste into your portfolio. 📗

Copy of Tests for My Cheesecake
Jam Quality Plan

Your Quality Assurance Plan

  • You must decide which tests you will carry out during your processing. The test results will guide you to improve your product.

  • Fill in the QA Plan, print it out and paste into your portfolio. 📗


What you need to hand in.

Once you have completed your jam project, hand in to your teacher:

  • Your final pot of jam (labelled etc, as per specifications.)

  • Your portfolio, which must include:

    • Your final jam recipe(s)

    • Your completed jam food safety plan

    • Your completed jam tests list

    • Your completed jam quality assurance plan

    • Your final jam specifications (including photos, evidence etc)