AS 91608

Food for a Future

Technology 3.1 - Undertake brief development to address an issue within a determined context.




MK TASK - 91608 L3 Brief
MK Student - 91608 L3 Brief
CCS TASK - 91608 L3 Brief
CCS Student - 91608 L3 Brief


Choose what problem you will solve - what kind of meal?

  • Make a copy of the Google Doc "Exploring Sustainable & Nutritious", save it to your "Food Tech" folder in Google Drive

  • Highlight the aspects that you want to base your meal around

  • Look at the links below to get some ideas of how to make your meal Sustainable, and meeting the Perfect Plate model.

Exploring Sustainable & Nutritious

The Perfect Plate Model


Topic 00 - Eating healthy for you and the planet - Contents
Topic 01: Diet and the climate
Topic 02 - What you eat could change the world
Topic 03 - Pile up your plate with plants!
Exploring Context & Issue

Looking Things up Online

Technologists research their ideas by looking things up online or talking to people.

Keep a record of your research so you can submit it as part of your evidence.

Research research your own research or.... click the links

Enviro Impact of Meatless Burger v Beef Burger



Dinner Existing Outcomes

Analyse Existing Outcomes

It is good technology practice to analyse outcomes that already exist before you embark on creating something new to meet a need.

Choose 4 different existing meals you have at home and analyse them to work out what is good about them, and what you could improve.

(The "Macaroni Cheese" is just an example, you can delete it or adjust it to suit a meal you commonly have at home.)


Untitled document

Keep in Touch with your Stakeholder

It's important to keep in touch with your key stakeholder (several times). Record the main points of what they want/think, or what is important to them.

Also keep a record of all feedback from your stakeholder.


Refine, Refine, Refine

Keep repeating the cycle until you are happy and your stakeholders are happy with your final brief.

Keep refining your specifications until they define your outcome well.

Keep communicating with your stakeholders until they are content and you have all the feedback you need.

Keep considering the social and physical environment where your outcome will be used, and make adjustments as needed to suit.

Keep considering the broadest sense considerations, and make changes as needed.