AS 91351

Fruit Tarts

Technology 2.60 - Implement advanced procedures to process a specified product.


91351 L2 TASK Processing Fruit Tarts

Checklist of What to Hand In:

  • Your final fruit tart

  • Your portfolio, including:

    • Your final recipe

    • Your flow diagram (includes processing and tests)

    • Specifications and photographs of finished product

    • HACCP food safety plan

    • Your QA plan including your tests and key points summary.

  • Keep a journal or diary in your portfolio, with photos of each day's trials and testing. Annotate the photos explaining what you did and why. Explain anything you decided to change and why.


Research, finding the best way to make the fruit tart.

Berry Jelly 2
Fruit Tarts Recipes
fruit tarts ASSESSMENT version.pdf


Making food that's safe to eat.

HACCP personal hygiene

Test Your Food Safety Understanding

  • Watch "HACCP Training for Food Handlers" clip above (left).

  • Watch the "Food Safety Training Video" clip above.

Now fill in the HACCP Personal Hygiene Control Chart (left), paste into your portfolio. πŸ“—

HACCP Fruit Tarts

Your Fruit Tarts HACCP Plan

You have been given a HACCP Plan for your fruit tarts (left).

You must determine when to carry out the necessary checks, and make sure you are following the control methods to prevent contamination in all your processing steps and your final fruit tart. Fill in the WHEN blanks under "monitoring check" column.

Paste this plan into your portfolio. Determine what order you will follow these control methods and checks in. Number them 1-7. πŸ“—


Checking the final fruit tart ticks all the boxes.

My Specifications

Your Fruit Tarts Specifications

Your final fruit tart will be measured against each of these specifications. It must meet all of these to pass the assessment.

Fill in the table. Judge your tart against each specification, and provide evidence (include photos).

Insert photos of your finished fruit tart. Paste into your portfolio. πŸ“—


Tests to ensure it will be a great tart.

Tests Fruit Tart

Your Quality Assurance Plan

  • You must decide which tests you will carry out during your processing. The test results will guide you to improve your product.

  • Fill in the QA Plan, print it out and paste into your portfolio. πŸ“—

  • You also need to include all the tests in your Flow Diagram.

PROCESSING: Key Points for a Great Fruit Tart

  • During your cooking trials you will find things that you realise are important for making a great fruit tart. Make sure you write down these points, maybe attach relevant photos and annotate them.

  • You may also realise points that save time or ingredients. Write these down too and paste into your portfolio.

Processing Key Points


Sequencing, putting everything into the best order.


Practice Flowcharts

Work through the Slideshow above. Do the last exercise - making a flowchart for 2 minute noodles, and toast at the same time. Efficiency!

Create Your Fruit Tart Processing Flowchart

It must include:

    • Every process (e.g. mixing, baking, cooking, cooling, blending)

    • Every test (Quality Assurance Plan)

You could also indicate any HACCP control points on your flowchart.

Post-It Notes are an easy way to make your boxes. Cut them smaller with scissors, stick them on. When you are sure everything fits, glue them down and draw the arrows. Paste each version of your flowchart into your portfolio. πŸ“—

Think about efficiency - parallel operations. While one thing is waiting, the next thing is started already.


What you need to hand in.

Once you have completed your fruit tart project, hand in to your teacher:

  • Your final fruit tart

  • Your portfolio, which must include:

    • Your final fruit tart recipe(s)

    • Your final fruit tart flowchart including all processes and tests

    • Your completed fruit tart HACCP personal hygiene chart

    • Your completed fruit tart HACCP plan

    • Your completed fruit tart quality assurance plan

    • Your completed fruit tart key points list

    • Your final fruit tart specifications (including photos & evidence)