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Teenage Athlete Nutrition

Home Economics 2.1 - Analyse issues related to the provision of food for people with specific food needs.

What will you learn in this module of work?

Teenage Nutrition Facts

Optimal Athlete Nutrition

Strategies to Eat Right


How humans need to eat.

Watch the Clip - 4 food groups

Grain foods - what should the first two ingredients say?

Milk and milk alternatives - which sorts should we have?

Proteins - what are the lean protein choices?

Which kinds of veges should we focus on?

Make sure you eat your fruit not _______ it.

Watch the Clip - 3 food groups

What are the 3 groups this nutritionist talks about?

What breakfast example does she give (3 foods)?

What dinner example does she give (3 foods)?

What mid-afternoon snack options does she suggest (4 foods)?

Choose Your Athlete

Google Classroom Assessment

  • Choose a teenage athlete for your report.
  • Detail the following in your assessment:
  • Name your athlete.
    • What sports do they play?
    • Describe their training scheme, sport games and typical daily scenario.
    • Describe their living situation, and explain who does the shopping and cooking.

NZ FNGs (Food & Nutrition Guidelines)

HE1230_Healthy Eating for Young People.pdf
Food Groups Qtys

Healthy Eating Models

Do The Mahi!

  • Make a copy of eat Eating Concepts Task.
  • Fill in the answers in order following the healthy eating websites above.
Nutrition Concepts


How athletes need to eat.

Nutrition for Teenage Athletes

Personal Issues

    • This slideshow describes many personal nutritional issues a teenage athlete faces.
    • In your Google Classroom assessment, describe several of these issues, and give strategies to help your athlete overcome these issues. Suggest food and drink options that will give your athlete the nutrients they need.
    • Explain how your strategies will help your athlete improve their performance.


The little stuff that's big.

L1 Micronutrients

Do the Mahi

  • Study the slideshow
  • WHY do athletes need vitamins?
  • WHY do athletes need minerals?
  • Where can they get them?
  • Make a copy of this worksheet and save into your Google Docs "Food Tech" folder. Answer the questions.

L2 Micronutrients


    • In your Google Classroom assessment, refer to some of the vitamins and minerals your teenage athlete needs, and give strategies for how they could get them.


Issues = problems teenage athletes face in eating right. Strategies = solutions to these problems.

Athlete Nutrition Issue & Strategies

Interpersonal Issues?

    • Choose some interpersonal and societal issues and explain the issues your athlete faces.


    • Come up with strategies, which are solutions for the problems. Give reasons why they will work, and how they will help your athlete improve their performance.

ISSUE - Sports Drinks & Energy Drinks

Water is Best...

Water is the best drink for your athlete. Occasionally sports drinks may be useful for heavy tournaments.

Look into the facts to backup your comments around sports drinks and energy drinks.

A Societal Issue?

Society bombards athletes with advertising around sports drinks and energy drinks. Explain why this is an issue for athletes, and give strategies to solve this issue.

Sports Drinks vs Energy Drinks.docx

Athlete Nutrition Issues - Advice from qualified dieticians.

Choose 1

  • Choose 1 of these NUTRITIONAL ISSUES for athletes.
  • Include the main points in your report - the issue, and strategies to solve it.


Exemplars showing how others have tackled it.

TASK Document

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